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Bleeksma Physiotherapy is affiliated with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Lucia Marthas institute for performing arts and the Frank Sanders musical Akademie. The practice is part of the network of (para)medical experts around the courses.

The combination of different interventions allows us to approach the presented problem broadly: we investigate, treat and guide at the level of the musculoskeletal system, the mental component and/or the environmental factors. The three are in constant interaction with each other. If what is presented does not fall within our competence, we will refer you within our expert network.





We are specialists in recognizing, treating and guiding physical and mental problems that are the result of the specific burden that the profession of musician, dancer or singer can entail. We ensure that you can contact us within 24 hours, often the same day.

The objective of the guidance is that you can resume your profession or education in a responsible manner as soon as possible, we will not advise you quickly to stop, but map out your taxable options in consultation and start treatment immediately.



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